Self Love Pt.2 : The Heart


Wow, I don’t know how a month passed by so fast. HELLO DECEMBER. Here’s self love pt2 sorry it took longer than it should’ve been.

*Cry your hearts out with a good movie. Sometimes a good cry cleanses the negative emotions you have loaded up inside you. “Love Rosie” is my number one  recommendation

*Go for morning runs, make sure to listen to what your heart pumps for.

* Sometimes, it’s a blessing to not get what we want. So  many times in my life I am grateful for what I do not have. I believe, being poor builds character.

* Spend some time being the cardio bunny. It’ll get that heart pumping. Now go listen to this song. It’s my absolute favourite.

* Find someone to care for and to spoil from time to time. Caring for others can mend the soul.

* Leave messages in other Tumblr member’s inbox (It’s a formality, if you aren’t doing it, I don’t know what you’ve been doing. *cough*)

*Put flowers on random gravestones and tell the souls beneath that they are loved, if only for a moment. (I stole this from someone but can’t find  who it belonged to…)

*Can we have some girl love? Too much competition going on between girls! Why can’t we all have a competition on who can compliment others the most? Make that happen, start now.

*Find someone to have a crush on. It’s such a precious thing to be able to feel so secretive about who you like. Notice little gestures they have, make sneaky eye contacts and then blush furiously.



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